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Writing a Thesis Proposal: how to start your work

Naturally, writing a thesis is the most appropriate way to inform colleagues about the results of the conducted research or observation. In fact, students often confuse a thesis proposal with an abstract. This is a typical mistake, which must be avoided by all experienced authors.

An abstract is a shortened version of a scientific article, which summarizes the available material in maximally brief terms. The main difference between a thesis and other abstracts of scientific texts is a quantity of analyzed data. Usually, a standard thesis includes one or two printed pages in which it is necessary to set out all basic ideas.

Writing a thesis proposal is a great chance to present the preliminary results of your study. Moreover, this is a starting point for writing and publishing the full article in various peer-reviewed journals.

In order to create a decent thesis proposal one should stick to the following recommendations:

  • Each statement should be brief, capacious and well founded.
  • Adhere to a formal literature style. Jargon or slang are unacceptable when writing a thesis. Use simple terms, intelligible acronyms and abbreviations. All the terms, acronyms and abbreviations that are not generally accepted must be explained when first mentioned in your thesis.
  • Your thesis proposal must be in all means readable. Remember that even an untrained reader should be able to understand your text without extra explanations.
  • Double-check all key points and clarify not only the actual data but also the methods of your research as well as mention the main literary sources analyzed in your work.
  • The title of the thesis proposal should reflect the content and purpose of your study. Of course, it must be easily understandable to all readers. Obviously, it should not include specialized terminology, exotic acronyms or abbreviations.

How to write the main body of the text of Thesis Proposal

The first part of the thesis proposal is a concise introduction, the specificity of the work, which you represent, its relevance. Next, you should describe the purpose of the study. Make an overview of existing points of view on the problem or the situation in the subject area. If the work is purely theoretical, describe also the alleged studies.

Description of the methods should be concise and free of unnecessary details. The obtained results should be given in a form of some real data. Do not include tables or charts in the text of the abstract to show the results, unless it is necessary. Finally, your thesis proposal must include conclusions. In addition to the interpretation of the results, you should explain the significance of the obtained suggestions and their relevance from your point of view.

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